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The Feeding Tube is the web video series that brings you the real facts behind popular food myths.


Is Apple Cider Vinegar Good for You? - Now Funding! Help bring it to the screen by making a donation to the right.

The Thermodynamics of Weight Loss - No matter how hard you try, you just can't beat the good old laws of thermodynamics.

Is Organic Food Healthier? - Many of us choose organic food because we believe it to be less contaminated or more nutritious. Do the facts support this?

Why Don't We Mind Glyphosate in Our Food? - Few herbicides are vilified as much as Roundup (glyphosate); is the fear justified?

Is It Bad to Have BPA in Our Food? - We've all heard that BPA in our food is dangerous, but is it really there, and will it really hurt us?

What's with GMO Sugar? - Sugar is a crystal, it doesn't have genes -- so why are GMO opponents attacking it?

Alkaline Diets - Can eating an alkaline diet help prevent cancer and other diseases?

Are GMOs Dangerous? - Scientists tell us genetically modified foods are safe, but how can we know whether or not to trust that?

Is Paleo Better? - Are "paleo" diets more natural and better for us?

Antibiotics in Beef - How much truth is there to claims of risk caused by the treatment of beef cattle with antibiotics?